Letter of Recommendation
David Jenkins, Executive Director
Sunrise Theatre, Fort Pierce, Florida
Sunrise Theatre
117 South Second Street
Fort Pierce, FL 34950

David Jenkins
Executive Director

To Whom It May Concern,

As a promoter and theatre executive director I want to pass on a few comments about the remarkable Ms. LORNA BRACEWELL, who I had the pleasure of presenting on our stage recently, opening for Karla Bonoff.

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth (or so it feels) there were a good number of independent young women with acoustic guitars who could command a large audience's rapt attention. Singer-songwriters who had something coherent and relevant to say, and who could genuinely move the listener with something more substantial than just a pretty song.

In this day of American Idol and political correctness and cookie-cutter entertainment product, Lorna really, really stands out. As a throwback to more interesting times, a throwback in the very best sense of the word, she deserves your attention.

A totally engaging voice, a prowess on acoustic guitar that allows her to paint with many colors, and an easy, intimate manner with her listeners....

A commanding and absolutely fearless stage presence...

And offstage... a total professional and a joy to work with.

I think Lorna's the ideal opener for the right act, but be on notice - if there's any justice in this industry, and immense talent counts for anything at all, she'll soon be headlining venues like yours....

As you know, acts come and go if you have a busy venue. As soon as you've presented one show you're focused on the next... but in closing let me say that in the weeks since Lorna's appearance here I haven't been able to get her out of my head, especially her rendition of Bob Dylan's "Masters of War."

It may seem sacrilegious to say it, but I've seen Dylan perform this masterpiece quite a number of times, going back to 1965. Lorna's delivery of the song was the best I've ever heard. As good as Dylan's..... no, better. She inhabited the song and made it her own. It was riveting, it was powerful and it was positively searing...

Lorna Bracewell is, by any standard, the real thing.

Best wishes,