Love 101: Rethinking Love, Sex and Power
By Lorna Bracewell

Evaluation by Dennis Reynolds
Coordinator of Student Activities
Pensacola Junior College
Purpose: Leadership Lecture Series
Date of Presentation: October 19, 2006
Estimated Attendance: 20

A = Excellent
B = Above Average
C = Average
D = Below Average
F = Failing
Lorna was on time and completely prepared A
Presentation was clear, informative, and persuasive A
Presentation achieved its intended goals, in terms of advancing the understandings of the attendees towards the objective for which you requested this presentation A
Lorna handled audience interaction effectively, including getting the audience involved in discussion and gracefully handling diverse and opposing viewpoints A
Presentation was engaging and thought-provoking A
Lorna was accessible and effective in talking with students after the presentation A