Love 101: Rethinking Love, Sex and Power
By Lorna Bracewell
In this workshop, Lorna Bracewell enables students to identify patterns of abuse within relationships, and empowers them to alter those patterns.

COURSE OUTLINE: In "Love 101: Rethinking Love, Sex and Power," students will learn to identify patterns of abuse in dating relationships. To this end, students will be challenged to think critically and more expansively about concepts such as "politics", "gender", "masculinity" and "femininity". Ultimately, students will be empowered with strategies to end patterns of abuse in dating relationships and encouraged to work to change cultural norms and values that promote such violence.

  • Target Audience: Content is adaptable to high school, college, and adult audiences.
  • Presentation Space: Classroom or auditorium.
  • Audio-Visual: Accompanied by a slide show presentation.
  • Duration: For best results, please allow one hour and 15 minutes. Minimum: 1 hour. Optional: follow up with an open discussion session.

    Selected as a "TOP TEN ED SESSION" at the 2006 and 2007 State Conferences of the FJCCSGA (Florida Junior And Community Colleges SGA's)

    Evaluation forms from 2006 FJCCSGA Top Ten Session: 5 = Excellent, 4 = Good, etc.
  • Overall I would rate this session: 4.7
  • The information was presented clearly: 5.0
  • The presenter was knowledgeable: 5.0
  • The session was interesting and held my attention: 4.7
  • The information provided was useful: 4.6

    Comments from the evaluations:
  • "Very Informational!! Awesome Job!!!"
  • "She was extremely passionate about the information she had to give"
  • "Awesome speaker! Going to try to bring you to my campus!!"
  • "Excellent presentation. Great examples and insight"