Live Performance Workshop Flyer

Live Performance Workshop

Lorna Bracewell shares her real-life performing experience, encouragement, and coaching with aspiring performing artists.

COURSE OUTLINE: In the Live Performance Workshop, Bracewell's foremost priority is to encourage performers to share their talents in front of others. Beyond that, she offers practical advice and coaching on the simple do's and don'ts of being on stage, as well as her insights into how the live performer engages an audience and effectively communicates his or her artistic ideas and verbal thoughts and stories.

Target Audience: Content is adaptable to middle and high school, college and adult audiences.

Presentation Space: Small classroom (up to 15 students, no sound system), or any appropriate performance space with sound system.

Duration: Variable, depending on number of students.

Lorna Bracewell has presented move than 1,000 live performances since the age of 13, from the smallest coffeehouse to sold-out 2,200 seat Ruth Eckerd Hall. She has performed in just about every imaginable environment, from a concert hall or house concert with an audience listening in rapt silence to a chatty coffeehouse or a noisy club. She has performed for elementary school students, middle and high school students, colleges, and adult audiences of all ages. She has performed at special events where she has adapted her presentation to a particular theme (such as "voter registration day"). She has even performed overseas without an interpreter, where the only thing she could communicate was her smile, her laugh, and lots of Rolling Stones covers.

Bracewell is a keen musician, an insightful student of human nature, and an inspiring and encouraging "coach" to aspiring musicians. The live performance workshop is presented in two formats:

1. A standard open mic, open to the public, followed afterward by an extensive feedback, coaching, and encouragement session.

2. A closed session of performers, where Bracewell provides her feedback and encourages constructive dialogue and encouragement between the musicians. In this format, coaching and discussion occurs immediately following, or even during, each individual's performance.

"I really appreciate the way Lorna connected with the students. She spent a lot of time hanging out with them, encouraging them, and talking with them about their performing." - Heather Elmatti, Student Activities Coordinator, Lake Sumter Community College, Florida