Letter of Recommendation
Charles Henry Bethea, Executive and Artistic Director
Lied Center for Performing Arts, Lincoln, Nebraska
University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Braced Well Music

Attn: Cliff Rice
135 18th Ave NE
St Petersburg, FL 33704

Dear Mr. Rice

Lorna Bracewell is an exceptional and talented artist. I was impressed with her positive, professional attitude and desire to engage the local community beyond her performances at our venue. Ms. Bracewell's passion for her music is infectious, and she thoroughly entertained our audiences. In addition, she visited and played for local school children and residents in an assisted living community. She was well received by all.

When choosing artists for our season, I look for those who can provide the highest quality performance as well as participate in programs beyond the stage. Ms. Bracewell is such an artist. We featured her program, Love 101 on our Women: POV series featuring distinctive women in the arts who have a particular 'point of view' regarding contemporary issues that touch them personally. Her workshop supported the Women's Study Center on campus and their annual programming of Week Without Violence activities. It was well attended and reached both college and high school students. Her message was important for these young women and men, and I would recommend the program for all students. It encourages invaluable discussion about domestic violence that helps raise awareness in our communities.

It was a pleasure to meet and present Lorna Bracewell at the Lied Center for Performing Arts. I know she will continue to be successful as an artist and advocate for matters of importance.


Charles Henry Bethea
Executive and Artistic Director

301 North 12th Street / P.O. Box 880151 / Lincoln, NE 68588-0151 / (402) 472-4700 / FAX (402) 472-2725