Constitutional Law for Dummies
By Lorna Bracewell
In this workshop, Lorna Bracewell enables students to reach beyond personal and emotional prejudices, and learn to ask simply: "What does the Constitution say?"

COURSE OUTLINE: In her latest workshop, Constitutional Law for Dummies, speaker, musician and closet political junkie Lorna Bracewell gives students a working knowledge of our nation's foundational document, the Constitution, and the systems and procedures that shape and define its meaning. By infusing the notoriously abstract and lifeless world of constitutional law with her signature mix of humor and humanity, Bracewell enables students to see the connections between politics, history, the law and their lives. On a practical level, Bracewell's workshop prepares students to make sense out of the many contentious contemporary constitutional debates such as same-sex marriage and abortion.

  • Target Audience: Content is adaptable to high school, college, and adult audiences.
  • Presentation Space: Classroom or auditorium.
  • Audio-Visual: Accompanied by a slide show presentation.
  • Duration: For best results, please allow one hour and 15 minutes. Minimum: 1 hour. Optional: follow up with an open discussion session.