Lorna Bracewell
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Live for CASA by Lorna Bracewell

photo and graphic design by Cliff Rice

Live for CASA

Brand new from Lorna Bracewell. Recorded at Lorna's Live for CASA benefit concert and featuring a trio of great musicians, this bootleg-style album has quickly become Lorna's best seller.

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Envisioned, planned, promoted, and executed by Lorna Bracewell, Live for CASA raised over $600 to benefit CASA (Community Action Stops Abuse), a domestic violence shelter and educational organization.

Live for CASA was professionally audio and video taped and is now available as an audio CD and a video DVD. $5 OF EVERY ONLINE SALE GOES DIRECTLY TO BENEFIT CASA.

For more information on CASA, visit www.casa-stpete.org.

Preview DVD (streaming video)

  Five Minute Live for CASA Preview Video

A five-minute video featuring brief excerpts from four solo songs from Lorna's Live for CASA concert DVD. This video contains solo songs only; the actual full concert DVD contains solo songs, duo songs, and trio songs. Windows or QuickTime.

Preview Songs (audio / mp3)

Preview an excerpt from any song with super-high quality streaming MP3.

Track Title Size
1. Fall Into Me 1.1 0:55
2. Wrong Way to Love 1.7 1:27
3. I Want Your Kiss 2.0 1:43
4. Say Your Name 1.0 0:49
5. New Heart 1.2 0:59
6. Stones at the Sky 1.6 1:21
7. Independence Day 2.1 1:47
8. When I Fall 1.3 1:08
9. There is a Train 1.6 1:22
10. Hokey Pokey (no preview)    
11. Litany 2.4 2:00
12. My Song 1.5 1:16
All. Stream all 12 Previews in one Play List    

  • Lorna Bracewell: vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Sal DiTroia: lead guitar
  • Noel Bisesti: drums

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